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The Works of Charles Finney

Charles Finney was an American Presbyterian minister and leader in the Second Great Awakening in the United States. He has been called The Father of Modern Revivalism. Finney was most active as a revivalist 1825–35, in Jefferson County and for a few years in Manhattan.

He was known for his innovations in preaching and the conduct of religious meetings. These included having women pray out loud in public meetings of mixed gender; development of the "anxious seat", a place where those considering becoming Christians could sit to receive prayer; and public censure of individuals by name in sermons and prayers. He was also known for his extemporaneous preaching.

The Life of Charles Finney
Finney's Life and Ministry, as reported in his own "Memoirs" and other biographies.

The Complete Works of Charles Finney
Complete Index of all individual sermon and lecture titles in their chronological order of original publication.