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Faith Facts - Scriptural Plausibility

Many claim that Noah's ark could not have held two of every kind of animal on the earth. When the facts are examined closely the story is not nearly as implausible. With approximately 95,700 sq. ft. the ark could have easily had the room. Remember, every species was not brought on the ark, but only every "kind". Two dogs, for instance, could have carried all the genetic code we now find in every species of dog. There is estimated to be only about 17,600 kinds of animals that would have needed shelter on the ark. Accounting for two of every unclean animal and seven of every clean animal the total estimate of creatures on the ark would have been around 44,000. Consider also that Noah did not need to bring full grown specimens onto the ark. It would have been more suitable to bring the young.  
Though some charge Christianity with being full of myths like Greek mythology, there is a very distinct difference between the two. The miraculous stories of the Bible happened to real flesh and blood historical figures.  
Although some contend that various apocrypha books should be included in the canon of scripture, when the reasons are weighed, there is little doubt that these books were not canonical. 1. None of them enjoyed any more than a temporary or local recognition. 2. Most of them never did have anything more than a semi-canonical status, being appended to various manuscripts or mentioned in tables of contents. 3. No major canon or church council included them as inspired books of the N.T. 4. The limited acceptance enjoyed by most of these books is attributable to the fact that they attached themselves to references in canonical books., because of their alleged apostolic authorship.  
Over 40 kings of Israel or her surrounding nations, mentioned in the Bible, are confirmed by contemporary inscriptions and documents.