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Faith Facts - Reason

In spite of the fact that ancient manuscripts were written on perishable materials that could only survive in exceptional conditions (Papyrus was a type of paper made from the stems of the papyrus plant and very quick decomposes in moist conditions.), thousands of Biblical manuscripts have survived for thousands of years. Papyrus was the most popular writing material from about 2400 B.C. until about 300 A.D. No other book of the ancient world has so many copies. The sheer volume of Biblical manuscripts and the dry local conditions are the only thing that can account for this.  
If Jesus' disciples lied about the events of Jesus' life, such as the miracles He did, or His death and resurrection, then why can't we find any writings of their contemporaries refuting them? With such claims so widely spread throughout Israel, why do we not find anyone even in Jerusalem refuting their claims?