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Faith Facts - Dinosaurs

Contrary to conventional teaching, dragons were not mythological creatures. You might know them better by their modern title, dinosaurs. There is even evidence some could breathe out a gaseous combination that grew so hot that flammable materials would catch fire.  
There are literally thousands of pieces of evidence that dinosaurs and man lived together. Fossils have been found in rock formations exposed by erosion along river banks clearly revealing dino and human footprints together. Many caves, as well as thousands of stones, have been found with paintings of men with spears chasing dinosaurs.  
The Bible mentions two types of creatures which, from the descriptions, were probably dinosaurs. Job 40 talks about Behemoth, a strong and huge land animal with a tail like a cedar tree. Job 3,41 Psalms 74,104 & Isaiah 27 all refer to leviathan, a creature of the ocean. How would Job describe such animals unless they were alive in his time?  
For about 100 years reports have surfaced from the Congo Basin in central Africa of a monster known to the natives as ‘Mokele Mbembe.' It is reportedly 17 to 35 feet long. Its head and neck are long and compared to a snake, but it is much larger than any known snake. Mokele Mbembe is described as having short legs, with three claws on the hind foot. The footprints are rounded and about one foot in diameter. The locals compare its body to that of an elephant or hippopotamus. It is said to feed on malombo, a tropical climbing plant with a milky sap and apple-like fruit. Professor Mackal, who has led expeditions into the Congo in search of the elusive creature, believes the ‘Mokele Mbembe' is a small dinosaur. His research suggests it may specifically be a surviving Atlantosaurus.