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Faith Facts - Age of Earth

Carbon dating uses the decomposition of carbon-14 to measure the age of organic organisms. At known rates of decomposition, carbon-14 cannot be detected in any organism that lived more than 50,000 years ago. For this reason it cannot be used to date organisms as millions of years old. Its mere presence assures us the organism cannot be millions of years old.  
The earth has lost 10% of its magnetic strength in the last 150 years. Using this rate of degradation of the magnetic field, the earth cannot be older than 25,000 years old.  
The Sahara desert is expanding at a fairly regular rate. This process is called desertification. Scientists have used it's rate of expansion to estimate when the desert began to form - about 4000 years ago. According to calculations based on the book of Genesis, this time period just happens to coincide with the end of the flood of Noah's day.  
Petrified trees are found standing up through several rock layers in many places throughout the world, including the area of the Mt. St. Helen's eruption. These rock layers could not have formed over many millions of years as claimed by evolutionists. In fact, the Mt. St Helen's eruption proves that these layers can be quickly formed by mudslides, ash and sand and then petrified in one generation.  
80,000 tons of mud is deposited into the Gulf of Mexico every hour by the Mississippi River. At this rate, scientists estimate it took no more than 30,000 years to form what we see today. If the earth is millions of years old, why isn't the Gulf of Mexico filled with mud?  
The oldest tree on the planet is a Bristle Cone Pine estimated to be less than 4300 years old. It may be younger considering tree ring dating is not an exact science. More than one ring can be formed in a single year. Still, it's amazing that the oldest known tree dates back to a time since the estimated time of Noah's flood.  
The largest coral reef in the world is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. During World War II, part of the reef was destroyed by ship anchors, bombs, etc. After this, a group of environmentalists studied the reef for 20 years in order to determine how quickly it would rebuild and how old it was. Their final analysis - the Great Barrier Reef is less than 4200 years old - the exact time estimated for Noah's flood.  
When it rains, 30% of the water runs into the ocean carrying mineral salts. The oceans are getting saltier every day. Currently they are 3.6% salt. At the current rate, the oceans could have gone from fresh water to their present salinity in less than 500 years. While working as an aquarium fish diver in my early 20's, I learned that salt water fish are healthier in the slightly more brackish water of 3.4%. It was much easier to keep them parasite free while waiting to ship them to dive shops. I never could get an answer of why this would be the case if their natural habitat was at a higher salinity level. Obviously, the fish are having to adapt to an increasingly salty ocean.  
Contrary to word from evolutionists, stalagmites and stalactites do not take millions of years to form. There are currently 50 inch stalactites growing on the pipes under the Lincoln Memorial which was built in 1922. A mine in Australia that was shut down for 55 years was reopened only to find huge formations. A parking garage built in Texas in 1997 had formations growing so quickly they were beginning to form stalactites on student's cars.  
At the current rate of erosion, the continents would erode flat in 10 million years. Why do scientists tell us there are fossils 300 times older than that still above sea level? They should have washed out to sea a long time ago.  
National Geographic claims the oldest systems of writing in the world started about 3000 B.C. (5000 years ago). The Chinese claim their calendar started at Noah's flood (they called him Fuhi). Their calendar only goes back around 4700 years.