Stand Walk Sit


by: Ben Patterson   reviewed by: Kevin Swartzendruber

If you are struggling with God’s apparent silence amidst disappointments in life, Ben Patterson’s book is for you. True to its title, you won’t find quick fixes or a 10 step program for getting everything you want in life. What you will get is a heavenly perspective on life and comfort in knowing you are not the only one waiting on the things you desire. Find a deep and abiding hope, not the flickering flame of positive thinking drivel, through the stories of Abraham and Job. Come to a deeper appreciation of God’s love for us and how His plans are woven into the deepest desires of our heart.

Like Job, take an honest assessment of what is truly yours to keep. Discover how your pride delays the purposes of God and His blessings. Learn how God uses trials in life to break us free from our cosmic egotism and into a selfless life poured out to God and others.

Like Abraham, discover how God’s promises hold hope for the realization of not only your desires, but His plan. Don’t settle for a cheap faith founded on passing spiritual fads and quick solutions. Find new hope in the realization that just because your prayers haven’t been answered doesn’t mean God is not listening. It might just be that His plan is bigger than yours!

On a personal note, the Holy Spirit led me to this book at a time when life had fallen apart for me. Though it did not immediately fix everything that had gone wrong, it did give me great comfort, a new perspective and a greater resolve to love God even when life is difficult. I strongly recommend this book.