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Rees Howells Intercessor
by:  Norman Grubb
Reviewed by:  Kevin Swartzendruber

An in depth story about an amazing man in modern church history. Walk through the highlights of Rees Howell's life from his early years through the Welsh Revival and onto his roll in bringing down the Nazi's. Get a close up view into the development of a man of God. Find inspiring stories of God's provision for a life lived in total dependence on Him. Learn what true faith for finances looks like. Find out what results true intercession can bring. 

Few books have inspired me to believe for more and to walk in more than this one. If you are hungry to walk in the Spirit in a greater way, or are disillusioned with empty displays of spiritual gifts and manifestations often seen in our day, this book will lift your heart to believe for greater things Jesus spoke of. I was personally inspired by how God used this man to give a play by play game plan to a group of young people to bring down the greatest menace the modern world has seen. Through knowledge of the Nazi's future plans, waiting on divine instructions, devoted intercession, and confirmation in the newspapers, these young people changed the course of history.

I was first given this book by a woman passing through Montana while in a position of leadership at a house of prayer. I have no doubt it was a divine gift with impeccable timing. While reading the book, the Derby Fire of 2006 was pillaging much of Central Montana. Suddenly it occurred to me that if this man, with a small group of college students, could dictate the moves of the greatest army of modern times, I could have faith to pray for a forest fire to cease. Just as Rees Howell's prayed and believed for specific answers, I prayed for measurable results, and watched as the headlines of the local paper confirmed the results! The church needs a constant stream of testimonies of the amazing things God can do through ordinary people.

Knowledge, without the exercise of faith, is useless. If you want to walk out the Christian life with power, this is the manual for you. If you want to know what a life totally given to Jesus Christ looks like, you will find it here. This book stands as a case study on how to hear God's voice.