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Fasting Series: #23 – Days 22 - 25

by: Kevin Swartzendruber

Day 22 – February 6, 2017

Weight: 168 lbs.

Day 23 – February 7, 2017

Weight: 166 lbs.

Day 24 – February 8, 2017

Weight: 164.5 lbs.

Day 25 – February 9, 2017

Weight: 163.5 lbs.

Fasting Related Issues:  The tingling in my arms is much better. My throat continues to improve. However, the taste of metal is back and nauseating. In fact, even water makes me nauseous, which is seriously shaking my resolve. Two things keep me going; 1. I am clearly detoxing some nasty stuff and don’t want to stop. 2. Fasting is causing such a softening of my heart that I am feeling the presence of God like I haven’t felt in years and I don’t want to give it up. My eye sight seems brighter and clearer. A couple of the floaters seem to be gone and the last one seems to be shrinking. I am, however, having constant discharge from my eyes, so much so that I am not even wearing my contacts unless I leave the house. As you may have noticed, I’ve taken to only blogging every few days. My energy since day 21 has fallen off a cliff. Taking MSM doesn’t seem to do one bit of good for energy anymore and my stomach doesn’t seem to be able to take anything now. I’ve stopped taking MSM and baking soda. I am quite sure I would have thrown up if I had. Even water seems unbearable at times.

Supplementation for health: Took MSM eye drops. I’m no longer chewing gum as I cannot stand the strong taste. On day 24 the acid in my stomach was so bad I finally took a small amount of milk to settle it as I could tell almost anything else would have caused me to throw up. Later I had a couple of Tums. Not a perfect fast, I know. Better to be safe and keep yourself on track then to injure yourself or fall off a cliff.

Notes:  The thought of most food is now nauseating. The one thing I keep thinking I want to have to break my fast is watermelon. I know it’s high in water and easy on the stomach. It would honestly be preferable to water at this point as it would stop the horrendous taste of metal and toxins in my mouth. For now I’m sticking with my water fast. As I expected, my wife wishes I would end things at this point as she’s now having to pick up the slack around the house and with the kids as my energy level has crashed. Our daughter is sick from going out in the cold and there’s been a few mishaps on the floor that I don’t have the energy to even deal with. She also prefers me not so thin. I’m now swimming in some of my dress shirts that used to fit quite nicely. Even my eight year old daughter mentioned that I look like I’m wearing someone else’s shirts. I still have some belly fat, but it’s quickly depleting. I’m not sure if I have the fat left to safely go the full forty days, but we’ll see. If not I may do something like watermelon the rest of the days to continue cleansing, but not go lower in weight.

I counted on the low energy level being the one thing that could derail my resolve. Luckily this time I discovered MSM and staved that off a bit longer. However, I didn’t count on the intense detox causing such GERD (acidic stomach). That is honestly worse than the lack of energy. The pain the night of the 24th was so bad I almost gave up. I knew if I had baking soda it would just make me throw up so I felt like I was in a bit of a pickle.

Going forward I’m going to try a few new tactics to deal with the acid reflux, possibly slow things down a bit, and try to get at the infection plaguing my throat. I’ve frozen squeezed lemon juice into ice cubes and will be adding it to my water to alkalize my body. I’ve also discovered lugol’s iodine drops. Most of us think we get plenty of iodine from iodized salt, but there is mounting evidence that most of us have become deficient in the mineral. I’ll get into that topic in the next post.

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