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Fasting Series: #22 – Day 21

by: Kevin Swartzendruber

Day 21 – February 5, 2017

Weight: 169 lbs.

Fasting Related Issues:  The tingling in my arms towards morning is really cutting into my sleep, making the fatigue worse. I can only hope that improves or this will be a long haul to three more weeks. My throat continues to have a local fever.  It’s beginning to burn a bit when urinating. Obviously this is another sign some nasty stuff is being detoxed. I read of a man who on his 21st day of water fasting said he was peeing “fire” and when he sent a sample in to be tested he found it contained DDT, a dangerous substance long ago banned in the U.S. He was a person who always ate organic whole foods. Obviously, some of what he bought was not from this country, nor organic. Interesting that this started at the same point in my water fast.

Supplementation for health: Took MSM eye drops and three teaspoons of MSM. My energy level is really starting to drop. The MSM gets it back to maybe 65% I used the zapper. I’ve still been chewing gum.

Spiritual:  I continue to be much more sensitive than normal to the Holy Spirit. The least thought of God or His Spirit causes me to break into tears thinking about His goodness. This Sunday our worship team at church sang two sang two songs at the end about the Holy Spirit. I couldn’t help weeping, praying that everyone in the place could sense His Presence like I’ve been lately, and for more sensitivity than I already have. At the same time, I was also keenly aware of the sins in my life holding me back and was asking for those areas of a hard heart to be broken for the sake of my family and my own relationship with God.

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