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Fasting Series: #20 – Day 19

by: Kevin Swartzendruber

Day 19 – February 3, 2017

Weight: 171.5 lbs.

Fasting Related Issues:  The acid reflux is getting a bit better. However, the tingling in my arms and hands is picking up and causing me to wake up several times toward morning time. Apparently I’m still detoxing some pretty bad stuff. I also had some pain in my right foot for a brief time toward evening and more tingling and coldness in my feet. My body’s fatigue and coldness is getting more severe as my body attempts to hold onto it’s dwindling fat reserves.

Supplementation for health: Took MSM eye drops and three teaspoons of MSM. I also took a half teaspoon of baking soda. I used the zapper. I’ve still been chewing gum. I also had a hot herbal tea. The taste of metal in my mouth is going away.

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