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Fasting Series: #18 – Day 17

by: Kevin Swartzendruber

Day 17 – February 1, 2017

Weight: 173.5 lbs.

Fasting Related Issues: Slight twitching in left eye.  I continue to have acid reflux toward evening. Energy level is very low upon waking. No major aches or pains. My mental clarity remains high. 

Physical Exercise:  I took a 30 minute walk.

Supplementation for health: Took MSM eye drops and two teaspoons of MSM. I also took a half teaspoon of baking soda. I used the zapper. I’ve still been chewing gum. I had more diet ice tea today. Upon looking at the ingredients, I realized it has sucralose (Splenda). From what I’ve read sucralose will wipe out the good bacteria in the intestines. This can cause a serious problem with health and contribute to weight gain. (See notes)

Notes: The hottest area of health and weight loss scientific studies are in the area of intestinal health. It is becoming increasingly clear that a healthy gut flora is integral to good health and optimal weight.

Studies done on both mice and human twins have demonstrated that the types of bacteria in the intestines are directly related to obesity and tendencies to gain weight. When bacteria from the intestines of slim mice were introduced into the intestines of obese mice, the overweight mice slimmed down to a normal weight.

In studies conducted with identical twins, one obese and the other of normal weight, it was found that the obese twins were missing key bacteria in the intestines. When these were introduced back into the intestines, the obese twin lost the weight.

Antibiotic use is an especially important subject. It is vitally important, after using them, to reintroduce beneficial bacteria. Even without taking antibiotics, most meat in supermarkets comes from animals fattened by the feeding of antibiotics. So if you are having weight problems, this may be something to check into.

Probiotic supplements might not be enough to repopulate as these are usually specialized only for dairy consumption. Soil based microbes or fermented vegetables such as kim chee or sauerkraut will help introduce a more diverse bacterial population. Up your fiber intake and resistant starch at the same time. I’ll get into resistant starch in another entry.

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