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About Us

Chronically Christian is a Spirit-filled ministry that exists to help believers to walk and abide in daily fellowship with the Holy Spirit and experience continual renewing of God’s power to live a Spirit-filled life in attitudes, thoughts, speech, and conduct. We provide editorial blogs, news, faith-facts and testimonials to help strengthen the faith of our visitors and members.

We believe the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ commands us to carry the gospel message to the entire world – to every nation, ethnicity, culture, and language. Through the use of the internet millions of people can be ministered to through information and testimonials.

Our prayer for this ministry is to increase people’s need to be in community with others of a like mind. Christian young people are looking for authentic ways of following Christ; people who are “unchurched” are exploring spirituality on a level that is foreign to institutional surroundings of a church building. While we do believe in the gathering together of believers, we hope to provide a supplemental outlet for the body of Christ.